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Digiintern employs proven technical SEO techniques to help you achieve success in national SEO. Our digital marketing services are designed to deliver results, so whether you’re a Taiwan-based business owner or seeking regional SEO outside Taiwan, we can help your website reach the top. Our experts create local SEO campaigns tailored to your business. Our local SEO strategy is built to improve your domain authority and bring more traffic to your website, increase leads, and increase conversion rates. Digiintern’s impactful local SEO campaign helps you dominate the locality and attract relevant customers with high purchase intentions.

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Why Local SEO Company is Important for Your Business

Local SEO in Taiwan is essential to any business that wishes to achieve a high ROI on the internet. Make your local web presence explode with proven local SEO techniques by Digiintern.

Local SEO is the most efficient marketing tool available. It generates more revenue per campaign dollar than PPC, paid ads, and other methods. Online shopping accounts for 63%, even when the final purchase occurs in your store. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) on a national level is essential to building a nationwide business.

Imagine it. You need a local plumber in Taiwan. Do you scour the phone book for hours or use a search engine to find tradespeople near you? You may have waited for a flyer or landed on this page by Google if you needed local SEO in Taiwan.

80% use the internet to search for a product or a service offered by a local provider. Without a solid local search engine presence, your business will struggle to gain exposure and make sales. Digiintern provides local Taiwan SEO service. Contact our team today.


Local SEO Agency
Local SEO Agency : How it can help your business grow

This marketing strategy is highly targeted and aims to make your website visible to your local clients.

Unexpectedly, many businesses still need to claim their Google My Business Listings. Now is the perfect time to boost your rankings with Local SEO to make yourself stand out against your competitors.

Hiring an SEO consultant in your locality can help you grow your brand and attract more targeted clients.

Local SEO expert with local businesses.

Local citations can also improve your visibility in local searches. A local citation can be any mention made of your business online, whether it is in directories or websites, as well as on social media platforms. Local SEO specialists know how to create and manage local listings, ensuring you are listed in all relevant directories with accurate information.

Local business SEO can help your company achieve better local search visibility, higher rankings on the search engine results pages, and a higher ranking in SERPs. A local SEO campaign should include the following:

  • Keyword analysis and optimization.
  • Link building locally.
  • Local citation management.
  • Regular reports and studies.

You can implement a local SEO campaign that will help your business stand out and reach its target market with the help of local SEO specialists.

Understanding and Addressing SEO Problems with a Local SEO Company

Early SEO methods were standard and could deliver good results to nearly any website. The ranking of a site can be dramatically improved by keyword-driven, high-quality content. Modern search engine algorithms penalize sites that have poorly written content and are overloaded with keywords. SEO campaigns should be customized to each location and industry.

Modern SEO may require several complex strategies and techniques. Focusing on the most crucial aspects will help you see results faster.

Internal Site Factors

Although it is harder to control outside factors, they can be studied to learn more about Google’s ranking system and how you can improve your results. Begin by looking at your competitors. Pay special attention to sites with higher rankings in search engines than you. 

You can find out about essential keywords and gain inspiration for your site. You can also benefit from looking at off-page factors such as your company’s entries in directories online and existing link networks. Create a complete Google My Business profile and improve the quality of backlinks to help your site reach the top of search results.

External Site Factors

This is how your visitors will find you from links outside your site. You should also submit your website to online directories. It is essential to use specific backlinks to assist customers in finding your website.

Social Media

It is now mandatory for companies to maintain active social media profiles. You must be present on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Communication with customers via social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest may be beneficial.

Local keyword research is essential for business.

Local SEO firms are experts in keyword research. These companies can identify the most appropriate keywords for your local company based on industry and audience. These keywords can be incorporated into your website’s content and metatags to improve its search engine ranking and reach more customers.

Our 3-Step Local SEO Process for Long-Term Taiwan Rankings

Our proven 3-step local SEO process has helped businesses across Taiwan achieve top search rankings and maximize their reach potential:

Step 1: Technical SEO Audit and Website Optimization

First, we perform a full technical SEO audit of your website. We identify and fix any issues like:

  • Broken backlinks
  • Missing alt text and meta descriptions
  • Website speed optimizations
  • Ensuring mobile responsiveness
  • Correct use of Chinese language and localization
  • This builds a technically sound foundation for ranking well in Taiwan.

Step 2: Local Citations and Review Building

Next, we focus on building your local authority and presence through:

  • Updated business listings on Taiwan local directories
  • Getting customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and other platforms
  • Ensuring listing accuracy and consistency across directories
  • Building quality local links from directory listings
  • This boosts your local relevance signals.

Step 3: Chinese Language Content Creation

The final step is creating engaging, keyword-rich Chinese language content for your site. This includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Location pages
  • Service pages
  • Product description pages
  • Other Chinese content optimized with your target keywords
  • This content gets you ranking for the terms Taiwanese searchers are using.

We Offer Flexible Local SEO Packages for Any Budget

Our SEO specialists will review your specific business goals and then suggest a customized package from our tiered options:

Starter Taiwan SEO Package

Our budget-friendly starter plan focused on getting your local SEO foundation built with services like:

  • Technical site audit
  • Optimizing Google My Business listing
  • Monthly search engine ranking reports

Professional Taiwan SEO Package

A more comprehensive plan designed for established businesses that include offerings like:

  • Initial technical + local optimization
  • Monthly Chinese blog articles
  • Additional local citation building
  • Ranking reports and monitoring

Premium Taiwan SEO Package

Our premium, full-service local SEO plan with services such as:

  • Initial + ongoing optimization
  • Weekly fresh Taiwanese-targeted content
  • Aggressive local link-building campaign
  • Detailed analytic insights and tracking

Contact our team to learn which package makes the most sense for your Taiwanese business SEO needs!

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Don’t leave your Taiwanese business visibility to chance. Our dedicated team of  SEO experts is ready to optimize your website and local listings to help you attract more local customers in Taiwan.

Contact us today to get a free audit of your current SEO setup. Let us show you how we can make you rank better locally and drive new business growth!

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"Shubham and his team at Digiintern designed our website. It was fast and reliable. No downtime is a thing of the past. Digiintern is a company that won't waste your time and money. Highly recommended."
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Frequently Asked Questions

Studies indicate about 50% of all Google searches now have local intent associated with them. So, local SEO has become very important! Local SEO helps you reach people searching for businesses in your area and drive foot traffic.
Typical services include optimizing your GMB listing, building local citations, creating localized content, improving website speed, building local links, and more.
It would help if you focused on Chinese keywords, Baidu SEO, Taiwan-specific directories, review sites, and other local nuances. An agency experienced in Taiwan is vital.
Costs vary based on the firm and services required but expect around $500-$1,000 monthly for a complete local SEO campaign. Packages are often available.
It takes 2-4 months to begin seeing gradual improvements in local rankings. Full results typically take 6-12 months of ongoing optimization.

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